"View Inventory" in main menu and pause menu

I would like to see a way to view the inventory on the pause/main menu. This could be similar to how tf2/csgo shows their inventory. But this way would be easier to organize.


This would be cool however you need to use your inventory to place stuff down having it that way would make the process significantly longer.

I’m just saying that inventory would have as much use as the ones in tf2/csgo. You can’t place anything down with it. But you can view it all easier and it’ll be easier to sort.

It’d be nice if they were a form of a synced inventory, but in the big one maybe you could get a 3d camera for the item and descriptions when you select an item.


I like this idea.!

You don’t need to post just say that. Just giving a like will say the same message.

We’re actually doing this. I’m doing it right now.

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You don’t need to be rude with people. People will say and do whatever they want. Place a like or say whatever… What’s the odds? :smiley: (No offense)

Also, I like this idea.