Video tutorial for Workshop collision boxes

I made a video to show how to split an item into multiple collision boxes, letting you walk through gaps etc. My demonstration uses an arch I initially added but of course couldn’t walk through, till now.
It really is as simple as taking your final product and hitting Y to split the mesh and P > Selection, to make a new object, which in turn makes a new collision box.
Hope this helps someone!

Also, I’ve seen other models made that you can enter but they are extremely laggy, I’d recommend keeping it to a minimum.


Does this mean I can make a house and make everything work like that :thinking:

yeah but it would take a lot of time to do, and lag like hell

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It would work though

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This is super useful and cool!

Mac has been talking about fixing workshop item crashes and lagging, so maybe it won’t be, eventually.

You can! But I’d like to point out that it gets laggy, there are already a couple apartment buildings in game that someone made but they have a ton of individual cubes, and the FPS drop is significant. I’d recommend splitting objects to a bare minimum, only doing what needs to be done like my arch way.

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yeah simple objects are better and more useful than whole buildings anyway

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Better for now, with the lag, yes. But I’d disagree on more useful.

Well, you couldn’t really make small decorations without workshop (besides using flat canvases), but you could always make a whole building at any time with the glass/wood/concrete walls.

Yeah, but I think once the workshop lag is fixed, having prebuilt structures would be very useful to some more casual builders, especially on flatgrass.

This is super helpful, great guide!

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