Video series that covers Tower Unite's features by the community

Now, I’m not trying to make such a huge or difficult request, but it would be cool if the community could provide a short video every few weeks to keep unactive users, other people who can’t currently play, or people who may be interested in general more updated on the game and it’s development. This request is not direct, meaning I’m not asking for the developers to do all the work, anyone in the community could help. All I’m asking is for anyone to make a simple video, maybe showing new features that came out recently or features the last video didn’t cover. Similar to a wiki, anyone can help out, and maybe there could be a sub-category for the Development category. Tell me what you think.


@Zeeno did something similar to this for a bit I think. It would definitely bring in some publicity for the game.

You’d have my blessing.


Yeah I tried to do this but I just got way too behind that it got too much to handle.

If I had some help getting the information/script then I would love to try starting it back up again! Maybe just covering the overviews/weeklies

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Now kiss the bride. :heart_eyes:

I wanted to do this but unfortunately I don’t have the time anymore :frowning: Maybe I’ll hop back to it if people actually want to see it happen!

I’d love to help, I’ll see if I have the time to record anything, (Finals week is looming and I have a few essays to write)

i am addicted to gmt, but not THIS addicted