Video Games You're Hyped For (other than Tower Unite)

Are you hyped for an upcoming videogame and want to share its greatness with other people of the forums? Well look no further than this thread, right here! Feel free to post the names, descriptions, and links of the games you’re hyped for here!

I’ll start with a couple games that I personally, am hyped for (as well as TU):

Fighting is Magic Them’s Fighting Herds
I don’t play fighting games, but this looks pretty dang fun. Has a crowdfunding campaign coming out in a couple weeks.

A game that involves you, a park ranger, looking after a huge national park. Shenanigans ensue. (Also has a BEAUTIFUL art style.)

Your turn!

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Besides Tower Unite.

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Binding of Isaac Rebirth: Afterbirth
I played it way more than I should when it released. Eventually got burned, but I guess its time to get burned a second time.

No Man’s Sky
Specially now that it’s a simultaneous release. Hopefully it’s not the empty wasteland that everyone expects it to be.

Kingdom Hearts 3
Nuff Said.

Others but not included: Fallout 4, Steins;Gate 0, Final Fantasy XIII Remake, Gigantic, Civ BE Rising Tide, Tales of Zestria, Trackmania Turbo and more. I’m pretty sure I won’t complete most of them. :anguished:

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I’ve got to say, despite the fact that it will be different from the main titles and lacking in customization due to being present on consoles as opposed to just PC, I am rather excited for TrackMania Turbo. I don’t think I’ll preorder it, though, as you never know if a game’s sequel is going to screw something up royally coughSimCitycough. From the trailer and gameplay previews, though, it looks like it isn’t tinkering with the gameplay, so hopefully it’ll turn out nice.




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Very much hyped for Nebula Realms! :smiley:
It is similar to Tower Unite, but much more for the Social Aspect and Less for the gaming aspect which is part of the reason I am so excited for it. I have many a day where I’m too busy to go hangout with friends or go to parties because of homework or freelance, So PS Home was my escape where I could do both at the same time just with the parties being virtual but the friends were just as real, and that is something I hope to have again when this game comes out! (:

Can’t say much other than Tower Unite, Fallout 4, and The Ship: HD. The year’s pretty much released most of what I’ve been interested in.

Battlefront’s always got a place in my heart, but I cannot trust EA to do it justice.


Star Citizen, definitely.

Identity! (It will be like Arma 3’s Asylum Life Servers, but its own game)

Persona 5

Also @Arkive86 no offense but TM Turbo just looks like Stadium reskinned

Just Cause 3.

@antieye555 No offense taken. After all, you are right. It IS Stadium reskinned, but it will also contain the Canyon and Valley environments as well as their new environment Lagoon (which will get a full TM2 release on ManiaPlanet later). It should also have a few new blocks (such as the helicopter start), so that’s something to look forward to (I’m hoping that they will make their way into the current TM2 titles, but I have a feeling they’ll just be Turbo exclusives). All in all, I don’t expect it to be as good as the past TrackMania titles, but I find it exciting that our console brethren will finally have a chance to play this series.

The only game I’m hyped for that’s going out this year is Overwatch


Sonic Adventure 3, Splatoon 2: Splatter Season, SSB4 Banjo and Kazooie and Rayman DLC, Five Nights at Freddys 5: The Final Chapter, NEW Super Mario World, and Minecraft 2! :grinning:

ha m8, did you notice yet?
P.S. When is Tower Gmod Tower Lobby 3 coming out…?

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Horizon: Zero Dawn
and XCOM 2
Also seconding Firewatch, Fallout 4, and No Man’s Sky.

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This looks like Playstation Home’s Tower Unite. If it doesn’t become the pathetic loading screen-infested cash grab that Home became, I think it could take off.


Probably Star Wars Battlefront. I recently watched all the Star Wars movies in preparation for it. Early October Beta Release Hype!!

I’m sure hoping it will. The creators are actually a 3rd party developer for Playstation Home. They are one of the company’s that decided to start their own Virtual world once Home announced its closing last year along with Atom Universe, and that other game that ended up failing before it started for which I can’t remember the name I believe it started with an “N” lol. Anyways, I hope its much better than Playstation Home, the community already seems to be much better from what I can tell by being pretty active in their forums. The main difference I see with this game versus Tower Unite is that TU is more about the games, and gameplay and less about the personalization and social spaces, whereas Nebula is more social oriented with in depth character customization, multiple personal and public spaces, and events, but it has the gaming aspect very much less in depth than TU.

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Also been kind of excited for Trackmania Turbo, although I don’t really think I will buy it. Looking at Arkive’s post, they will also release another TM² environment which will be Lagoon, that one I’ll probably buy. Although I am not very able to keep up with Trackmania in general (been hardly playing Canyon lately, only got 9.3 hours on it totally, yet it’s shown as my favorite game on my profile), so I might not buy it soon. But who knows, I still like Trackmania, I hopefully won’t feel like completely quitting the series.


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