Vertices count is different on TU vs. Blender for player model

I’ve had this problem a couple of times now when importing player models and to be honest I have no idea what’s happening. TU is saying there’s wayyy over too many vertices on my model when in blender it says something very different. I’m prone to making silly mistakes so I might be overlooking something. Anyone have any idea of what could cause this? Everything else seems fine and it’s showing up in the workshop editor thing, I just can’t upload it because of this issue.
blender stats

From a developer on a similar topic

This is very useful information, thank you. I found out my issue was a dumb error on my end. Lesson learned: ALWAYS HAVE THE MODEL YOU’RE EXPORTING IN A DESIGNATED BLENDER PROJECT. Despite having everything else hidden and the setting to only export the shown model on it was somehow affecting it when I’d export.

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