Venture capital for Tower Unite VR relaunch

Start presenting and make it happen. Its not something you can be done as a “side project” using the same staff that is maintaining the desktop version.

We’re currently not interested in having an investor or publisher.

VR is still in development and it will require effort from the entire team once it’s back into full development. It’s just on slight hold as we have other features being finished up such as an optimization pass.

We want to do VR the right way which will take time to develop.


Pretty sure Kinetic Games would say you’re wrong about that. 5 developers currently developing the main and VR branches of Phasmophobia. Smaller team than Pixeltail.

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Tower has a slightly bigger scope than Phasmophobia


Oh yeah, for sure. He was just kinda making it sound like it’s impossible to work on a VR branch while simultaneously working on non-VR, which Phasmo proves is not the case. Maybe I misunderstood him but that’s how I read it.