Various viewmodel settings (also applicable for plaza/condo/virus)

Transparent viewmodels

In TF2 a thing people will use is transparent view models so that they can still see the section of the screen the weapons taking up. While playing Space Snipers I was like “dang, it’d be cool if I could see that large portion of my screen the view model takes up”, and thought that this would be a nice thing to see. And also I suppose this could/should be a game-wide feature and not SDNL specific but I thought about it during this.

Hide view model

An option to just hide it completely. I don’t know how those rendering layers work, like if the transparency could be a slider and you can just set it to be fully transparent that’d effectively be this–if possible.

Viewmodel FOV

idk if the separately layered viewmodels thing that was being worked on a few years ago is ever going to come out, but if that ever comes out it’d be nice to have a slider for the viewmodel FOV that’s separate from the regular FOV since that’s also something that I like to have control over.

Viewmodel offset

I keep comparing things to TF2 but idk if it has anything like this other than minimal mode or using the VR mode, but in CS:GO you have the viewmodel_offset_x, viewmodel_offset_y, and viewmodel_offset_z commands that allow you to change where on the screen the view model is, which I think would also be a nice customization to have

Flipped viewmodels

In TF2 and CS:GO you can switch your weapon to be on the left. Some people do this because they want the side of their screen freed up that’s closer to their dominant eye, others are just quirky.