Various bugs I've found in the Tower Unite alpha

Hello. This will be a sort of masterpost of all the bugs I find in the Tower Unite alpha. I will add more to this post as I find more bugs

First off, jumping into this body of water in the plaza makes you perpetually stuck in WATER HELL (in other words, there’s no way of getting out without pressing K to kill yourself.) (can’t upload images yet, so will just leave imgur links)

Also found a small flickering glitch inside the Condo. The room to the left as soon as you go up the stairs.

This part of the stairs in this room flickers when you move around and look at it from different angles.

That’s all I’ve found so far, but I’ll look out for more when I get to playing more tomorrow. Cheers!

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Good place to put some of my glitches:
-Looking down shows your entire headless body, as well as accessories, which gets in the way of things.
-Using the CondOS in certain resolution cuts the screen, making it unusable.
-Suiciding resets your appearance until you change it.
-Collisions for pretty much everything (some stairs, water, Central Circuit) are entirely wrong; tops of buildings don’t have collisions either.
-Lighting in Condos are generally messed up.
-There’s a visible line in the big pools of water near the fountain due to brushes (or the UE equivalent) overlapping.
-Restarting the game automatically sets antialiasing to low.
-Typing occasionally pauses you (when pressing p) or kills you (when pressing k).
-Chat gets cut off if message is too long.

That’s all off the top of my head; will add more once I find some.

I’ve experienced a glitche when hitting ESC in the chat window-- you can’t type, and you can’t move, and your mouse pointer disappears. Essentially, the only fix is to bring up Task Manager, close the game, and then go back into it.

I had something similar, except that when I right-click, I can’t look around anymore unless I hold LMB. Pausing and restarting would fix it. Using CondoOS would also break the looking around.

When that happens, pressing RMB or pressing q usually fixes it for me. CondOS is quite buggy though.

Got a few.

  1. Players will not move at the same speed of the host in ballrace. That’s a problem.
  2. Sometimes killing yourself will reset your appearance.
  3. Midori’s fifth area has platforms that were too high and causing a inability to complete the level.
  4. The FOV likes to reset itself going from mode to mode.
  5. The players were all unnamed in ballrace, but were previously in the lobby.

So apparently you have never heard of jetpacks

Various lighting bugs while in the condo rooms. Basically in the rooms, you can see the light source from outside creating shadows inside the condo rooms.

  1. Jetpacks shouldn’t be necessary to get out of something.

  2. I never got the jetpack as there wasn’t any information that I could see on how to get it when I played.

  3. There’s no need to be passive aggressive. This is a bug report for an alpha.

  • riding the ferris wheel to the top and jumping off lets the cross the level barrier and fall off of the world
  • shoes aren’t colourable