This game needs a equipable vape/blunt\cigar/cigarettes. I feel a 420 vibe :herb: from this game because its so fun to play faded than a h :exploding_head:

I would like to get obliterated IRL while my charecter gets obliterated in game, make the game feel more inclusive and immersive.

I have some 3d models of dab pens that i would love to have used in the game and would be down to make a blunt and a joint model since you already have a cigar and cigarette model for the wearables.

They should be sold by the beer seller or a sketchy individual (2d model of me :man_standing:) on the side of the path by the bowling alley towards the casino since theres little foot traffic and 5-0 would be lacking. :police_car:

According to my Apple Watch, it’s 4:20 PM. :smoking: :herb: