User Sprays (Like in GMod and such)

Might be a fun thing to add. :slight_smile:

  • Works like in Source Engine games.
  • Static and animated picture support (with spritesheet like with canvases)
  • Toggle option to disable it for condos and globally.
  • Possibly parental control?

It would allow for fun interactions, and make the game slightly closer to the original GMod Tower.


There should be 2 types, sprays that are made by the devs for use in plaza and games, think Overwatch, and custom ones for use in condos if it is enabled, think Garry’s mod.


I wouldn’t trust this community with custom sprays in a million years.


ay, but If you had it disabled in your own condo, you wouldn’t have to. Though if you’re worried about elicit content, how about the sprays available need to go through the workshop? I personally would prefer it to be open for all players but I understand where this is coming from.

Perhaps we could have workshop sprays? Have em be approved and then you can get em and equip em from the appearance menu.

Believe it or not, lots of people have asked already. Even I requested this a while back. Please check that this kind of suggestion hasn’t been suggested before