User server name report

Not sure who owns it. Bit annoying.


Pretty sad that the dude put in time to set that up.


Not to mention how only one person is allowed in at a time

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Only one person can think Pixeltail Games are run by a bunch of idiots at a time.


So, the problem?

Besides you wish for censoring. Otherwise people can name whatever they want to the title, sure some will be angry, but hey. Welcome to the internet.


It’s been up for weeks now. I highly doubt PixelTail really cares about the server name. It isn’t that big of a deal.

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I’m just impressed at the level of commitment this man went through for this insult.

First, he needed to know enough about TU to browse the forums.
Then, he needed to follow the guide on setting up a server.
To to that, he needed to have a computer on hand that he could run 24/7 in order to run said server.
I get the feeling that, at some point, he must have purchased TU in order to have any such passion. Otherwise, he’s a very aggressive GMT fan who can’t let go and transition to TU.

I doubt that the server can actually be closed on legitimate grounds, unless there’s something in the EULA that moderates this kind of community behavior. That’s the price of free speech: among all the benefits of being able to speak your mind, you have to deal with the opinions of those you don’t agree with. It’s a small price to pay, but I think it’s worth it in the end.


Wait, I think the title has a grammar mistake!
It’s supposed to be "PixelTail games IS run by a bunch of idiots
Not “PixelTail games are run by a bunch of idiots”

After all, it’s one company, not two

Or tried to complete Midori


Or lost his seat after failed macro-ing


So you would have no problem with 20 servers opening tomorrow full of racial slurs?

Every customer that buys the game will see that list of servers every time they go to join a lobby. Allowing one like this to stay up opens the door for worse server titles in the future.

(Personally I don’t see the need for private servers at all. They’re always empty, people only want to play on the official ones where their units actually mean something.)


right so how about the devs add parental controls support for Lobbies? Because I doubt many people are going to go through the effort to create a lobby server anyway. Plus Shaun if what you said is true more people pay attention to Official servers than nonofficial ones
Edit: plus this is just one bad egg we are talking about here and it’s not even very offensive.


With all honesty, not at all, maybe I will feel offended if it has to do with my nationality or my religious believes, but I prefer not to get involved in those kinds of topics or what else people can be so easily offended now these days on the internet. I’m smart enough just to look the other way and focus on what I like to read while others likes to be enraged of it. And what spookz said[quote=“Spookz, post:13, topic:18328”]
is just one bad egg we are talking about here

But hey, that is just my opinion of this thing, you might have a different opinion about this topic and I respect that.


But how does that look to somebody who’s just joining the game? For a lot of people it would be a big point towards getting a refund from steam, since it’s primarily a social game.

You mean Party Game? Since that’s what it is.
Plus if someone went to a youtube comments section and saw a racial slur they would Ignore it or block it or respond or all three at once but they wouldn’t just quit youtube. Plus this is hardly a reason to refund the game in the first place.
It’s not the games fault. It’s the few bad eggs in it.

So, I don’t think this is a huge issue. Simple for the reason that like any other online games, the developers can’t completely control online interactions. Think of it like whenever you get an online game and you look at it’s ESRB rating, usually it would say something like “Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB” under it, which is essentially what’s going on here.

The best course of action if one is needed, would probably just be to apply the chat filter to server names. Otherwise, I don’t think this is too big of an issue.


A party game is a type of social game.

yeahhhh but they didn’t label the game “social game”
thinking about it. they labelled the game as “Virtual party World”

Also there is a difference when it’s on the server list in the game’s main menu. If it was just somebody being a dick in general chat that’s one thing, but allowing that right on one of the main screens of the game says something about the people running the game.

A better analogy would be somebody putting a bunch of homophobic slurs in the description of their video, that would make people unsubscribe.

So that’s still not the games fault and only a small issue but the examples you had used to Jesusfreak of 20 servers with racist slang is completely over exaggerated as the original screen shot of this thread was. “Pixeltail Games are run by a bunch of idiots!!!”
and again this requires more effort and you can just “ignore it” or use a parental control for racist slurs then problem solved.