User Creations Thread

This thread is dedicated to content that people here on the forums are making or recently made. This includes stuff such as small programming projects, various arts (drawing, writting, etc), 3D modeling, Spriting, Crafting, Cooking, whatever really comes to mind - Just a general topic for you to show stuff you made, are making, or would like to make.

For example:
I am currently working on making a random-terrain generator in Unity (C#) using Tiles, while trying to use nothing more than basic functions.

What’s some stuff you are currently making?

I recently just got done building the IRC Bot (Samaritan) that powers the IRC Chat’s User Online Graphic. It also displays the Indiegogo campaign information if you ask it too in the Chat.

Powered by Java, Running on a Mac OS X Server. 278KB File Size (FTP External Library is very large).

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Pffft, the best video game creation I have ever done is some shitty map I made while messing around in hammer. I’d post some screenshots if I was at home right now.

Not really game related but I did make a raptor-like thing a while ago


It’s not a problem if it’s not game created. Is that Maya or…?

I just recently started on a custom level for one of my favorite indie games, Knytt Stories! It isn’t gonna be that big in size and it’ll be sort of a challenge level for people already somewhat acquainted with the game (if I ever finish the dang level, that is.)

Here’s a sneak peek:

Get Knytt Stories here!
Get Knytt Stories Plus (unofficial mod to the game) here!

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It’s Maya, rendered with Mental Ray. The fur was a pain to get working, haha

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Like @Caboose700, I also made a bot(ish) thing, although I made it with C# and it can only run on windows. The commands are:

  • !test
  • !info
  • !indiegogo
  • !help
  • !helpadmin

The bot also has admin capabilities. The admin commands are here:

  • !botstoplistening
  • !botlisten
  • !botkill
  • !botrestart
  • !makemadmin
  • !demoteadmin
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Oh, I also rendered out this really derpy Yoshi model I made too.

Still looks very good. I, personally, am not able to do anything that’s not an hard-surface. :confused:

Speaking of which, here are a few models I made around May. I haven’t done much 3D since around then (I have been more interested doing random prototypes in Unity) although I do I want to get back on track with them: