Usage of Razer Chroma SDK? (Suggestion to the devs)

So I was just randomly browsing through the razerzone website, until I visited the page about chroma. And there, I found a really interesting thing called “Razer Chroma SDK”, which can be super useful for game developers. Basically, it allows developers to take full advantage of razer chroma peripheral functions for truly immersive gaming experience. Then they could make it so specific in-game events can affect the color of a razer chroma peripheral. For example, your razer mamba turns red when you die, or fades to green when you pick up a health kit, or orange if you do a drift in Accelerate, as well as a bunch of other stuff. I don’t know how exactly this SDK is used, since I didn’t study it in detail, nor if the implementation of it is actually possible with Tower Unite.

Just wanted to tell you guys about it, because of how awesome it sounds, and I’m pretty sure it would be awesome to any razer chroma mouse/keyboard owner out there!

The webpage explaining chroma can be found here: Razer Chroma SDK found at the bottom of the page.
Developer page:

(I apologize if my explanation is too unclear. If this should be the case, just tell me and I’ll try to clean it up a bit.)

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Are you a Razer representative? :wink:

Jokes aside that would be a cool addition. I would love them to look into the Steelseries SDK if they do the Razer SDK.
Steelseries is best series. :grin:

If not implemented into the game, this could be an idea for a Workshop Addon.

If someone were to buy me a Razer chroma mouse to replace my Dell generic Logitech mouse, I’d do it. I’d build and integrate the thing into Unreal on my own time. ( Windows only, cause their SDK only supports Windows )

cause I think it’s pretty neat

Huh interesting caveat you have there Razer:

The Chroma SDK is supplied solely to facilitate the creation and development of interactive software applications as well as integration of new hardware. All products created, developed, and integrated using the Chroma SDK are to be used solely with Razer Chroma-enabled devices.


So I guess in that case what I would do is make an Unreal module that just spits messages into the system thru UDP and have a separate program that intercepts them and pushes the output to the device.

That sounds like quite a bit of work for a mouse that just makes colors based on events…

Super easy though. I’ve done it before.
UDP is great for inter-process communication cause it’s platform agnostic and super easy to set up.

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If it works with my Chroma keyboard that’d be pretty cool.

We could get a Razer sponsorship for the game or something lol

It should work with any keyboard/mouse that is from razer and is chroma.

Definitely a fluff and polish feature. If we tackle something like this our game should be 100% done first.

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