Usable Furniture/props/animations

Bedroom ideas

Bed: your character lifts the cover and lays down and pulls the cover over themself, having the option to snor by pressing e, to turn the other side or front to sleep.

Dressing table: use the mirror to pull up a menu to add make up details such as eyebrows,eye lashes,tattoos and the option to change the textures colour with a colour change slider to give different shades.

Desk paper/board: use this to create in game drawings, draw with friends and add text fonts to create signs too. Art medias such as felt tip, pencil, paint, charcoal and many sliders for brush strength,size and transparency. With the general bucket fill tool,layers,colour dip chooser and selecting tool box. Be able to save your work and place in your condo, drawn in real time viewed by others. This can also be used for drawing mini condo games such as hangman. Make them pencils useful form the arcade.

Computer/screen: use this for playing very basic in game computer games like match 3 cat sack colours (candy crush sort of thing) along with 2d workshop games created by players. (I find the computer screen is mostly used for media purposes while I think should be used for this idea)

Chairs/Sofa: Basic animations of players sitting down onto a chair, moving sideways to be able to sit down. Getting off the chair by moving to the side and standing up from it.
Sitting on the sofa has options to lay down on the side,back or in a drunk pose if drunk in game.

Tables with draws: be able to place objects and clothing in the wardrobes and cabinets, to make them more useful for storage.

Bathroom ideas

Toilet: players use the toilet with a sit down animation, able to press e to make fart sounds and f to flush, animation to sit off it.

Bathtub: to use it must fill the bath (20 seconds) , player animation with 1 leg going in the tub eventually laying down into the bath,bubble bath,steam,splashing in the bath and throwing water at other players etc.

Shower: player opens the door to go in, keys can be pressed for wash animations for the head and arms, can place shampoo and bubbles on yourself. This will give the players a sparkle effect after the wash.

Sink: animations to brush teeth,wash hands and to flood your condo with water cause why not.

seems reasonable to me


what in the hell… i mean i like the fart sounds idea don’t get me wrong… but like… those bed and bathtub ideas are a little… the doors behind me, i’m just gonna leave

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you can actually do the fart thing already by putting a whopee cushion on the toilet. you can flush as well


I changed em my bad