Upwards and downwards bites for the dragon

Whenever a knight is barely above or below you, you cannot kill them. That makes it incredibly annoying because I’m pretty sure a dragon has more flexibility than just a straight bite. I’m not sure how to word it, but I think you guys know what I mean.

Not sure if this was suggested before, but I figured I’d make one aswell.

the LC dragon does not look very flexible. I don’t think this is a great change, because as the dragon with flight you shouldn’t be letting the Knights get above you as that is your innate weakness (with the button on your back and all), and if they’re below you can try stomping on them if you feel daring. The dragon does also have the roar and tailwhip allowing the Knights to be stunned

I don’t think it makes much sense when you’re unable to kill a knight that’s barely above you and is in your mouth. I’m a long time LC and UCH player, and I’m aware of how to play properly and not be killed; but I’ve run into that problem several times and it’s honestly frustrating.