Uptown GLXY

Decided to put this together, it goes so well! :smiley:


WTB a mashup subforum.

Nah, i think it’s fine here. Not that many people here make mashups anyway

Someone create a Soundclown category.


Fuckin genius. You should put this on Soundcloud or something, that’s where all audio shitposts go.


This should be something in the steam workshop.

back at it again

its alright but it doesnt sound good with uptown funk instrumental itself mixing in with it

use that

When sound cloud streaming comes out, my home will be playing this 24/7/365/∞

I understand it’s been a long time since this was first created and showcased on these forums, but nevertheless I’m here to ask, is it possible you’d put your mashup on another media platform such as YouTube? There have been many, many instances in which I’ve wanted to play this song for others, but could not as it is restricted to only Dropbox. I’m sure they’d love to hear some Tower Unite mashed up in a well-known song such as this.

As a side note, you should know that your mashup here has actually really impacted me in the last year. It was one of my favourite music tracks to listen to, and it was shockingly relevant in the previous months. Thank you for creating this top-quality mashup!

Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it! :smiley:
I’m going to upload this to YouTube soon since I’ve seen that this has been enjoyed by a lot of people and that the media player doesn’t support Dropbox. I should’ve done this a long time ago but I’ve brushed up my channel since then and i think that I’d be happy to upload it. I’ll update this when it’s uploaded.

Also I think its great that people actually like to listen to these and share them, It makes me feel good about myself. I plan to make some more mashups, and I’ve already got some sitting in my folder, but I’m just not sure they’re ready to be heard yet.

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