Upgrade sells Condo upgrades

I know location and how the condo layout can be changed and stuff, why not sell it and other condo stuff (Like doors tinted windows etc.) at the Upgrades shop so it has a use besides mutators and game upgrades

Edit: Would like to thank Mets for giving me the idea behind this see his post here

Condo upgrades will not be coming back. This is because of the new, fully-customizable layout you can make for yourself. The grid you have to make/construct your own condo will be upgradable though.
This would not be sold in Upgrades. If you read the sign under the Upgrade title on the store, it says “FOR ALL YOUR GAME WORLD NEEDS”. This means that the only items sold here would be upgrades and settings for games (custom Ball Race balls, SDNL weapon skins or unlocks if they’re implemented, kart changes, etc.) and that’s all.

If you’re wondering where the grid size upgrades would be sold, I would bet my money they would either be sold in the menu where you can build your condo or, the one which is much more viable and that I like much more, it will be sold at the Condo Lady.
If you played GMT, you could buy Vault upgrades there from her. I would bet you could get Condo size upgrades from her too.

Hope this helped settle things for you.

Didnt mean Upgrade upgrades but more like aesthetic upgrades. But yeah condo lady 2.0 would be cool.

Or would it be 3.0?

What do you mean by aesthetic upgrades? Please elaborate. I’m interested.

Doors, extra floorings and wallings, window colorings etc. Probably not enough for its own shop but yeah.

These would almost 100% come for free in the condo builder. You can already color walls and floors and stuff, windows is just a matter of time.

Rip dreams of spending tons of units ;-;

There’s lots of stuff to cash out on so far, and MUCH more to come. Condo furniture is a big part of it. Boats would probably in my mind be purchasable, theres a bunch of expensive, fun, extra stuff (see: pets, RC stuff, etc.) that are good for shillin out that mad dough.

Omg on my note page I actually had boats written down as an idea XD

They’re adding a whole huge ocean expansion as a stretch goal.

I know that but wasn’t very sure what that would include. My idea was a progression through boats so you start at sail and buy upgrades. I am all about spending those Units