Upgrade: Pop Effect and Finish Effect

I already have ideas for this, but I figured it would be nice to give this a thought.

Pop Effects:

  • Warp - Zap out of existence.
  • Explosion - Become a living bomb.
  • Bubble Pop - Explode with a comedic pop.
  • GMT - Complete with MacDGuy slamming his Desk in agony at your defeat.
  • Fall Out - Waaaaah! The camera pans down to your doom, playing the comedic falling noise.

Finish Effect:

  • Windows 98 - “DAH DAAAAH!” with a flash of light.
  • Sparkles - Spew sparkles out of the goal in celebration
  • Firework - Creates a firework explosion that crackles.
  • Nothin’ But Net - Play a Basketball Shoosh sound. Good for those dunk shots.
  • Classic Pop - Pop like you died. Except you finished.

whoops, slipped

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Fall: (There are other ways to die besides falling.)

  1. Motivating: When you fall, you get a random positive message that pop up to motivate you to beat the level.
  2. Glass shatter
  3. Generic Dark souls-esqe YOU DIED


  1. Golf clap
  2. Guitar riff
  3. Confetti

I want a pop effect where it just collapses in on itself and vanishes.
or one where it just slowly turns to dust.

Please Mr Mac… I don’t want to go…

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Pop Effect: Slowly vanish to ashes with this sound