Updated my logo again

I made a post before where I showcased my new logo:

I liked my new logo however I thought I was a bit too simple as it doesn’t represent any cubes or squares (After all my username does has the word cube inside of it)

Here is the redesign of my logo.

I personally think it looks awesome on my SoundCloud. For some reason it makes me think of a sunset.

If you have any opinions please tell me. Thanks. <3


I think it looks good, I really like Logos that have a simple-like design.
Good job Max :heart_eyes:

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Looks good but it still doesn’t have any cubes or squares in it, though.

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But what about the two dots below the line? They are kinda squares.

I like it, It’s simple, modern, and clear.
Though At a first glace I wouldn’t have linked it to your username.
It identifies you as a brand, it looks professional but I feel your Nickname doesn’t necessarily fit with it.

I do not mean to criticize your name though, don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool name. But I don’t really get the link between the logo and the name.

Thanks, but yeah I agree. My name is total shit. I made it when I was a kid and most of my accounts are permanently set to that username. The fix I have is simple. For example, on Steam my username is MxMCube but my display name is simply just Max.

By the way, I saw that you come from Belgium which is where I come from too. I’m from Ostend and I speak Dutch. ;p Good to know that there are more Belgium people playing Tower Unite.

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Best idea, make it have some cubes/squares to make up a cube on thr lines and things, on my phone so cant really get a proper representation of what i mean

Check the date the last comment was posted, please.

I did, doesnt mean I cant suggest something.

That’s true but since he has a new avatar now, it’s completely irrelevant.

Not necessarily

This post should by archived. My bad.

I found out i’m not the only Belgian guy here in the Forums, nice logo tho!

In fact, I’m from Vlaams-Brabant (vlaanderen ayyyyy)

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Can you send a pic of your noot village plz?

is this a joke?


The pengus are taking over! RUN!!!11!!!11!!one

Oh cool. I’m from de West Vlaanderen. Ostend. I don’t live in Belgium though. I live in Spain on an island called Tenerife. Even though Dutch is my first language, I speak English so much more and its become my first language .