Updated forums to the latest Discourse

We just updated the forums to the latest Discourse.

Changes include:

  • Two factor authentication
  • Associated account link up (link your google, twitter, facebook accounts)
  • Better stored post drafts
  • You now get PMs for trust level changes
  • You can see who is replying to a post while they are typing it
  • You can reply as a linked topic (creates a new topic but links it)
  • You can reply as a PM
  • You can reply as a post that doesn’t bump the thread
  • Local dates (you can post a date or time and it’ll translate to the proper times for who is viewing it)
  • Improved search
  • Rich pasting (easier to paste from other websites their content)
  • Better link formatting
  • GDPR enhancements
  • Slight tweaks to UI
  • It’s faster



cool and good



I can finally select parts of messages on my phone, woo

Nice, I didn’t know they fixed that. Annoyed me as well.

Nice update tbh!