Update Release Party/Events

After Tower Unite has released 1.0 there are a few cool things I would add to attract players for future updates.

Kind of like Fortnite how they had the meteor before season 4 there would be weird catsacks appearing across the map, or new characters are selling items that relate to the new update.

Then when the update is officially announced an event is made for the release of that update! (if its not just bug fixes or whatever. For example a new gamemode, map, etc.)

EX: Panic at Horror Hill Update.
-New npc appears at night and talks about being hunted by ghosts and sells an accessory of some sort.
-Strange music playing in certain areas
-Update is officially announced and launch part will happen at 6:00 PM. Earn extra currency/Exclusive first 24 hour release items.

Exciting, and fun!

I think that everyone would like to see some events but they can’t do that much with a small team. Maybe after 1.0 as you say but who knows, it’s not easy to add content which will be gone after one month or so.

Our event system is pretty flexible and powerful. But it does take time to craft events. After ZM is over I want to finish up some more of those events. There’s a lot of gameplay I need to do, though.




By this I would mean that the players could get the item and see it early by playing the first 24 hours.

Then it would be available to everyone a week later.

So it keeps the players all on the same level.

That doesn’t seem like such a great idea. What’s the point in letting people buy an item and making people who didn’t know about that item wait longer to get it?

Yeah I finally realized there was no point.


I love this sort of early teasing of new content, however miniscule it might be. Also, I’m all for release parties, just without the exclusive items.