Update "Flicker" Light Function with the One Seen in Zombie Massacre

The current “Flicker” light function available for Condo lights is the most awkward of the available options. It’s more of an “uneven pulse” than a flicker since its transitions are smooth, and the value ranges from off to full power.
On multiple maps in Zombie Massacre there is a unique light flickering effect that looks much better. It’s most easily seen on a lamp to the north of spawn in Compound (and possibly the campfire as well).

It would also be nice to have access to the Water Caustics effect that exists on the Default Condo’s pool lights before editing (it can’t be reactivated after changing) as a new effect.

I’ll make the change and add the caustics.


@macdguy Can I also posit for lights to have independent delays of effects from one another? It’s hard to make a spooky environment when all the flickering lights/pulses are continuously synced.


Phase -and period, while we’re at it- settings for periodic light effects.


I need this so bad lol, the current flicker effect is so bad. An intermittent flicker effect would be much more spoopier