Update Confetti Gun and Spooky Gun icons to be like the Holiday 2019 icons

Forgive me if this has been suggested before, I didn’t see any similar posts when searching.

The holiday guns added in Holiday Events 2019 have icons that make it easy to see what they are.
This makes them easy to spot in the inventory, whereas the Confetti and Spooky Guns are smaller and not as well lit, which can make them hard to spot at a glance.
image image

My suggestion is to gave the icons for the Confetti and Spooky Guns changed to match that of the ones added in the holiday season of 2019. Maybe the spooky gun could have some of the little ghosts behind it in a similar way to the Holiday Cheer Gun and Jinglebell Gun. Also, the Potato Gun’s icon could be updated as well, cause it’s pretty similar to the Jinglebell Gun. did this.