Update - Lobby 3 & Achievements/Milestones





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  • https://trello.com/c/ABXm6Adf/372-lobby-3-phase-1
  • https://trello.com/c/qAPZ6RlN/173-steam-achievements-stats-leaderboards-and-badges-milestones
  • https://trello.com/c/P4WTMGqP/114-rc-boats-and-cars
  • Added an option to draw your legs in first person (experimental and still has some issues, but working for the most part)
  • Pool tubes now have unique poses while swimming in water
  • Added a new store, D.I.Y. which now has all the canvas and building blocks items
  • Added Camera item to Electronics store
  • Added upgrades menu to appearance, for when upgrades is available. Some milestones use this menu already
  • Implemented the internal upgrades system, stores are coming soon as we are still making upgrades

Bug Fixes

    Before Ship

    • Build
    • Test
    • Write changelog
    • Short video for Lobby 3
    • Deploy

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    This update will be a great achievement for the game.


    this is yes, very yes


    This update should be the top of the leaderboards of all the updates



    I agree, this is a huge milestone for the game.


    these puns make me sad and happy
    but yeah this is going to be a good update


    The Devs Deserve a Badge for all the work they’re doing!


    I wonder what the stats are for how much work they out into this?


    Good thing they have already gained so much experience working on the game


    :expressionless: I hate all of you.


    Guys, we need this update stat(s)!

    EDIT: dang, someone already made a stat joke


    The game’s gonna be on a whole new level after this update!



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    What’s the issue?


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    Fishing and achievements this is it chief

    • "Macklin Guy" commented "Unfortunately, Fishing was delayed an update as there is still a lot of refining to do. We want to make sure you can see which fish you have a chance of catching and we also want to make sure the fish AI and fish selling system is up to the standards of the game. Once this update is released, Fishing will go into final stages of development and be in the next update."
    • "Macklin Guy" commented "We've added Lobby 3 to this update. We're excited to see your response to this massive change to the Plaza. Lobby 3 in this release will be the first phase of the Lobby 3 development, with another phase released shortly after."