New Game World (Little Crusaders) and new Unreal engine update!


[ul][li]Engine update (4.14) https://trello.com/c/XNYxtui2/250-migrate-to-unreal-4-14[/li][li]New Game World: https://trello.com/c/pTmMo9BX/210-little-crusaders[/li][li]New main menu[/li][li]Each Game World now has their own menus w/ their own music[/li][li]https://trello.com/c/IZglCea8/243-map-little-crusaders-market[/li][li]https://trello.com/c/UxukJUvY/244-map-little-crusaders-amphitheatre[/li][li]https://trello.com/c/aVUaTFpV/239-map-little-crusaders-throne-room[/li][li]Player flashlights are now networked to other players[/li][li]Added background to text area in Typing Derby so you can always read the text[/li][li]Pressing enter when a confirmation prompt comes up (such as quitting the game) will accept the prompt automatically[/li][li]You will now never go AFK while in waiting for players mode for Game Worlds[/li][li]Server title for Game Worlds now shows on the every Game World scoreboard and waiting for players UI (so you can tell your friends where you at)[/li][li]Map name and round numbers now show on the scoreboards of every Game World (so you can never lose track)[/li][li]Improved Minigolf aimer appearance[/li][li]New loading screens[/li][li]Minigolf: Trees in Garden now fade out when the camera intersects so you can always see your minigolf ball[/li][/ul]

Plaza Changes

[ul][li]Added tons of LODs to Plaza, which should improve performance[/li][li]Improved level streaming logic for Plaza, which should improve load times[/li][li]https://trello.com/c/BT7isxut/237-plaza-map-update-condo-lobby-rooftop[/li][li]Added launchers (Platforms that launch the player from one place to another)[/li][li]Launcher - Tower -> Boardwalk (and Vice versa)[/li][li]Launcher - Tower -> Left Hand Side stores[/li][li]Launcher - Tower -> Right Hand Side stores[/li][li]Night lights in Tower now turn on earlier at night, and turn off later in the morning to take into account mountains blocking out light during these times[/li][/ul]

Bug Fixes

[ul][li]Fixed viewing self in Plaza rotating yourself for other players[/li][li]Fixed sprinting animations not playing for other players[/li][li]Fixed the “reconnecting you to lobby” HUD message only showing up for the hosts and none of the clients[/li][li]Fixed a bug where the Quit game prompt could duplicate multiple times (wow, crazy!)[/li][li]Fixed the Laser Bridge sound in Emission from ignoring overall sound settings[/li][li]Fixed level 4 on Summit where the player was unintentionally killed[/li][li]Reduced the speed of boost on the last level of GLXY to prevent cases of players moving too quickly past the end resulting in their death[/li][li]Fixed a bug where sometimes you couldn’t click on slot machine buttons due to hats you are wearing[/li][li]Virus: Fixed dead infected showing up on the radar[/li][li]Virus: Fixed radar dot colors being wrong[/li][li]Fixed Poker table not showing up while playing[/li][li]Fixed a long standing bug where the game window had to be clicked to gain control after loading into Condo or Lobby[/li][/ul]

Before Ship

[ul][li]Build[/li][li]Test[/li][li]Ensure no developer content is left in the game package[/li][li]Write changelog[/li][li]Deploy[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]A new checklist named “Before Ship” has been added to the card.[/li][li]A new checklist named “Bug Fixes” has been added to the card.[/li][li]A new checklist named “Changes” has been added to the card.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]Card’s description was updated.[/li][/ul]


I’m extremely excited for this. Hopefully this update includes weapon prediction and Prism!


HEEY that pretty GOOD

Woop Woop! that’s sound of the hype!


yeah nope thats still a ways off



O boi here it comes!


Maybe forest can make it in this. Doubt it though since ton needs done.

It’ll come when it comes. Just be patient…

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Little Crusaders is available in-game?
Little Crusaders est disponible en jeu ?

When this update releases, it will be in the game.

Il y a une date, c’est très prochainement, (une estimation)

There is a date, it is very soon, (an estimate)

There is no estimate yet.

You know it’s a big update when it’s called


And the update is called
“Little Crusaders Update”
Cuz it has little crusaders

[ul][li]“Player flashlights are now networked to other players” has been checked off on the “Changes” checklist.[/li][li]“Fixed viewing self in Plaza rotating yourself for players” has been checked off on the “Bug Fixes” checklist.[/li][/ul]