Update Released

This update addresses several bugs and adds new upgrades, gameplay changes to various game worlds, and features requested by the community.

New Upgrades!

  • Added new upgrade: Minigolf: Ball - Baseball

  • Added new upgrade: Minigolf: Ball - Slime Ball

  • Added new upgrade: Minigolf: Ball - Ink Ball

  • Added new upgrade: Minigolf: Ball - Lava Ball

  • Added new upgrade: Minigolf: Ball - Fishbowl

  • Added new upgrade: Minigolf: Ball - Earth

  • Added new upgrade: Minigolf: Ball - Mars

  • Added new upgrade: Minigolf: Ball - Moon

  • Add new upgrade: Ball Race: Ball Shape - Baseball

  • Add new upgrade: Ball Race: Ball Shape - Earth

  • Add new upgrade: Ball Race: Ball Shape - Moon

  • Add new upgrade: Ball Race: Ball Material - Lava

  • Add new upgrade: Ball Race: Ball Material - Ink

  • Add new upgrade: Ball Race: Ball Material - Slime

  • Add new upgrade: Minigolf: Trail - Confetti Trail

  • Add new upgrade: Minigolf: HIO Effect - Confetti Burst

Plaza Changes

  • Seasonal Store Art Pass

  • Rail Shooter Ride Exterior

  • Minigolf: Altitude Art Polishing

  • The Transit Station train now has collision and can hit and ragdoll players

  • Increased EXP earning in Casino and Theater

  • Added candy items to the Theater store

  • Added Popcorn to the Theater store

  • Added a player seat to dolphins, allowing other players to ride player dolphins

Condo Changes

  • Condo: Added an option to toggle collision on any item

  • Canvas Statue: You can now hide the base of the statue

  • Copycat: Copying scale is now disabled by default and added an option to enable copying scale

  • Condo: Gizmo scale limit is now 0.01 (currently would limit to 0.25)

  • Condo: Undo/redo keybind is now F1 and F2 keys by default to avoid wrong inputs

  • Condo: You can now rebind undo/redo

  • Condo: Added undo/redo buttons on the inventory UI (next to the advanced mode toggle button)


  • Optimized workshop shadow casting feature

  • Optimized workshop item rendering for condos

Minigolf Changes

  • Minigolf: You no longer go out of bounds the moment you touch a bad surface or rock, now you’ll have to be on the bad surface for a bit longer before going out of bounds

  • Minigolf: Kingdom - Hole 10: You can now putt on the moving bridges

  • Minigolf: Kingdom - Hole 15: Cleaned up some art issues for the course walls

  • Minigolf: Kingdom - Hole 16: Widened the side sections of the hole to make the jump slightly less difficult

  • Minigolf: Kingdom - Hole 7: Adjusted the ending of the hole to be less frustrating and more fair

  • Minigolf: Sweet Tooth - Hole 18: End hole spline speed is now randomized for each player

Zombie Massacre Changes

  • ZM: Slain zombies sometimes drop points you can pickup

  • ZM: Adjusted damage notes HUD elements to be more visible

  • ZM: Adjusted weapon pickup HUD element to be more visible

  • ZM: Added sounds for switching weapons, deploying equipment, zombies damaging you, and confirmed kills

  • ZM: Adjusted player movement a bit to feel more grounded

  • ZM: Slightly reduced pumpkin head health

  • ZM: Added particle effects to make weapon pickups more noticeable

  • ZM: Added blood and decals when you are being hit by zombies

  • ZM: Slowed down player movement a bit, adding to difficulty and realism

  • ZM: Added class name below player’s names in team status and player name tags

Little Crusader Changes

  • Little Crusaders: Improved dragon turning animations

Virus Changes

  • Virus: Assists now count as kills. If you land 70+ damage on an infected and someone steals the kill, you also get the kill

Misc Changes

  • Slowed down crouch camera movement and animations to make it more natural

  • Throwable Popcorn milestone has been renamed to Unlimited Popcorn and is now in the food section on the hot bar

  • Categorized Bottle, Katana Display, Barrel, Crate, Umbrella Prop, Umbrella Stand, Cash Register, Rolling Stepladder, and Pallet into the appropriate categories in Rob’s Imports (before they were not in any category)

  • Moved the Candy Apple food item from Fresh to Celebrations

  • Moved Ale Mug into the beer category in the nightclub/project 12 store (before it had no category and was hard to find)

  • Added a new category to Fresh, “Not So Fresh” and put the TV Dinner item inside that category (before it had no category and was hard to find)

  • Added new holiday categories for items that previously did not have a category (St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s, etc.) in Sweet Suite and Celebrations

  • Added Warehouse and Forgotten Electronics categories to Rob’s Imports

  • Added Outdoor category to Toy Stop and added Trampoline, Beanbag, and Beanbag Toss to it (before they weren’t in any category)

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved several workshop crashes

  • Minigolf: Fixed moving platform desyncs in Altitude, Treasure Cove, and Garden

  • Minigolf: Fixed moving platform desyncs in a couple moving platforms in Kingdom that were missed in the previous update

  • Minigolf: Waterhole - Hole 3: Fixed camera toggling a little too soon before getting on the water wheel

  • Minigolf: Waterhole - Hole 3: Fixed falling into the water under the water wheel not counting as a water hazard

  • Minigolf: Waterhole - Hole 15: Fixed a couple weird invisible collisions near the first part of the hole and on the end ramp (near the rock walls)

  • Minigolf: Kingdom: Fixed a moving wall that players could get stuck on if they landed on top of it

  • Minigolf: Kingdom - Hole 4: Fixed an edge-case where players could get stuck spinning in a circle on the final moving platform

  • Minigolf: Kingdom - Hole 10: Fixed an edge-case where players could get stuck respawning over and over again in the air if they stop and go OOB on the bridges

  • Minigolf: Treasure Cove: Fixed rocks missing collisions

  • Minigolf: Treasure Cove: Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the inner spokes of the rotating wheels

  • Minigolf: Fixed a very rare edge case where you could go out of bounds after being pocketed in a hole

  • Minigolf: Fixed Altitude Mastered achievement par requirement being too high

  • ZM: Fixed weapons on back not drawing due to a regression

  • ZM: Fixed FOV setting not being set on start

  • ZM: Fixed ambient jet/warfare sounds not being part of the sound effects volume setting

  • ZM: Fixed zombies that are sliced in half creating two ragdolls of the zombies

  • Casino: Fixed AFK key prompt taking in keys while chat is open

  • Condo: Fixed holdable balloons interfering with item placement

  • Fixed a bug where the right click menu wouldn’t close on left click if left clicking into a locked item

  • Fixed not being able to copy from a locked item

  • Fixed crouch camera bobbing up and down when jump crouching

  • Fixed “Get Together” achievement not firing off

  • Fixed Game Ports not having rich presence and just displaying as “unknown”

  • Fixed Drivable Speed Boat not working at all

  • Fixed the glass minigolf ball not having a putt sound

  • Fixed balloon item not scaling the balloon

  • Fixed Golf Diorama milestone not putting into the hole properly

  • Fixed the Ceiling Fan having the wrong appliances tag

  • Fixed wearable arcade items not being marked as unique and allowing you to buy multiple (it has no real effect to them if you own multiple of them)

  • Fixed PVP icon not updating on name tags when a player has toggled PVP mode

  • Heavily optimized Treasure Chest items glow

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