This update continues our focus on further stabilizing the game and improving player experience.


  • Fixed elevator doors to Condo Lobby getting stuck closed
  • Fixed item traces being strange in condo doorways
  • Fixed canvas not triggering a condo save when edited
  • Fixed canvas not replicating to clients that connect after they’re set (you’ll need to stash and replace your existing canvases)
  • Fixed colorable items and wallpapers resetting to white when edited
  • Fixed beach chair and victorian couch items not coloring properly
  • Fixed plaza bench seat offsets
  • Fixed chat scroll bar automatically scrolling down while being used
  • Fixed certain items not being tagged as media players when they are (ex. Rise Tablet and Old Computer)
  • Fixed collision issue with the Condo ceiling near the giant window leading to the garden
  • Fixed weird hidden collision in the center of the plaza in the sky
  • Fixed the following settings not saving: Resolution scale, FOV, Texture Quality, Shadow Quality, Effects Quality, Post Process Quality, Detail Quality, Voice Chat Enable/Disable, Mouse Sensitivity, UI Scale, Media Resolution, Voice Volume.


  • Added Ball Race melon payouts
  • You can now color and adjust brightness of condo ceiling lights
  • Minor optimizations to Plaza (we’re still working on further improvements)
  • Admins now have different name color in chat to make them more noticeable
  • Confetti gun can no longer be used in the theaters
  • Added round count to Virus HUD
  • Minigolf now has HUD helpers on the bottom right to teach players the controls a bit
  • You can now color the condo fireplace
  • Monitor item is now a media player
  • Minigolf: Altitude is now a little more forgiving:
  • Increased HIO chance on Hole 1,2,4,10,17
  • Made it easier to get closer to hole on Hole 12 on first putt
  • Hole 3,5,6 are now Par 4, instead of Par 5
  • Hole 4,12 are now Par 3, instead of Par 4
  • Hole 10 is now Par 3, instead of Par 5
  • Fixed bump nearby Hole 1
  • Fixed bump nearby the right hand side Hole on Hole 5
  • Turbines on Hole 3 now have only 2 blades, rather than 3. Their speed has also been reduced
  • Removed annoying hole in course on Hole 5
  • Reduced the likelihood of falling off before the ramp on Hole 6
  • Removed center platform block on Hole 6
  • Removed moving platform on Hole 7
  • Removed moving platforms and corner pieces before the hole from Hole 8
  • Fixed Blimps and Turbines being incorrectly placed
  • Minigolf: Garden changes:
  • You shouldn’t get stuck in tube entrances anymore (Hole 5,7,12)
  • Fixed collision bug on the end of hole 2 that caused the ball to bounce
  • Raised back wall of Hole 16 to keep ball in bounds if you hit the cup edge too fast
  • You can’t get stuck on the 2nd gong in Hole 8 anymore
  • Adjusted angles of tubes in holes 12+13
  • Fixed z-fighting on hole 3 spinners and getting stuck on the windmill

What we’re actively working on:

  • Memory leaks
  • Linux dedicated Lobby servers crashing
  • Casino
  • Inventory showing items in your condo while in lobby
  • Condo / Lobby door connections
  • Virus weapons sometimes appear out of the hands of other players
  • Theater vote skip
  • Key binding
  • Not being able to shoot in some areas (mainly doorways) in Virus

Key binding is still in progress, but will require us to upgrade our Unreal Engine version to 4.11.
This upgrade will take us a bit of time. We understand how important this is and we are working quickly to get it finished and in your hands.

TNT in Virus will not play its explosion effects in this patch as we are looking into the crashes related to it.

There is an issue with canvases resetting when you scale them which is being address very soon.




Thank you so much. Ive been waiting for this one.

Altitude is my favorite mini golf map. It’s good to see improvements like that :smile:

So what did you decide on for preventing players to farm melons in singleplayer. Is there a minimum amount of players required or will you just leave it as it is right now.
Also please calculate ballrace physics on each client to reduce lag. Please. And you don’t have to synchronize every moving object’s position across the network.

Additionally are there any plans for implementing dedicated game mode server? Maybe an idling server of some sort that loads a gamemode “on demand”?

P.S. thank you for your work guys. keep it up!


My only concern; the melon limit. I know there is extreme concern for the farming of units through BR but, shouldn’t the cap for the bonus stage be upped (to 40 perhaps?) or removed in bonus? It kinda makes getting more of the melons in that particular stage section pretty much useless.

Other than that, sweet fixes all round. :smiley:

Singleplayer farming has been completely removed, you only get the 25 payout now for playing.


Lack of singleplayer payouts is being reverted in today/tomorrow’s patch. Mac stated this on the comment section for the steam post of

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Melon payout will still be limited to 3 players, correct?

they removed dont die bonus… -10/10 worst update.


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