Upcoming Items (not all confirmed)





Please note that not all these items are confirmed to be added into the game and some of these items may already have progress on them.These items are also separate from Fishing items, Upgrade items, Milestone items, and Cooking items.


  • Speedrunners
  • Iron Boots
  • Sky Boots
  • Space Boots
  • Dogbag
  • Elevator Door (teleporter)
  • Volleyball
  • Arcade Cabinet



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image !!

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Dogbag :slight_smile:


iron boots?
Related image


But the water cubes…


Can’t wait for the bhopper. Bhopping in Source and Global Offensive was so fun.


“not confirmed”


I am aware, this is an item that has been mentioned a few times however. It’s also okay to be enthusiastic about a potential thing. If it doesn’t come out it’s not the end of the world as I can just continue playing CSGO bhop servers :slight_smile: It’d just be fun to build bhop courses on flatgrass.


This item is essentially confirmed.


Not ALL confirmed. Keyword ALL. As in, not every one of them is confirmed. Bhopper has been confirmed for quite a while though


Speedrunners seem like some sort of speed shoes that are slightly slower maybe?
Very excited for Dogbags.