Upcoming Changes




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  • Condo Workshops: Added total number of workshop items to intro UI
  • Improved RC camera & physics. Added drifting to RC ground vehicles
  • Added global Condo permission profiles “Everyone” and “Friends” to avoid having to set permissions per player
  • Condo: Added an option to adjust skylight settings for finer lighting controls (make a brighter or darker map)
  • Added Billiards achievements
  • Karaoke rooms now have music visualizers of their own
  • Added comment option for canvas that allows you to add comments to canvas items. Comments will show up when a player hovers over the canvas. This can be useful to label canvas images or tell a story
  • Plaza/Condo: Added an option to enable taking damage from other players
  • Workshop Editor: Added “reset metadata” button for resetting metadata on an item or player model
  • Condo: Fireworks no longer remove from inventory when placed down and will always remain where they were last launched upon condo reload (they will also respawn a minute after being launched last)
  • Condo: Added option to physics items that respawns them back to their originally placed location after a player has picked them up and thrown them
  • Pressing the forward/backward keys will now exit you out of seats automatically
  • Added new dialogue popup feature to NPC item
  • Added setting to enable drawing pets in first person
  • Added setting to enable drawing wearables in first person
  • When drunk, your floating chat will wobble
  • You can now adjust the voice volume of other players individually

Game World Changes

  • LC: Dragon enraged mode
  • LC: Roar no longer scares Knights if the Knight is behind walls or hiding behind objects
  • Ball Race: Added respawn key support
  • LC: Birb can be thrown a bit farther
  • Virus: Explosive barrels
  • Virus: Added score to the HUD, along with what rank you are currently at
  • Virus: Added charge meter for Plasma Autorifle and Sonic Shotgun
  • Minigolf: Out of Bounds won’t immediately happen the moment you hit a non safe surface, instead it’ll require a bit of time before you’ll go out of bounds
  • Collection Book: Added map specific achievements and game world specific achievements on the front page (also added the front page) for easier access
  • ZM: Camera now pans with the mouse a bit so you can better see ahead using the mouse

UI Improvements

  • Improved unit payout HUD
  • Collection Book: Added map selection menu for achievements section for achievements that are based on maps
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Ohh noes I guess we’re waitin for pine valley’s track for some longer

  • Card was renamed from “Update” to “Update”.
  • Card was renamed from “Update” to “Update TBA”.
  • Card was renamed from “Update TBA” to “Upcoming Changes/Bug Fixes”.
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  • Card was renamed from “Upcoming Changes/Bug Fixes” to “Upcoming Changes”.
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For the firework changes, I think this would fit nicely for whenever condo i/o comes out. Integrate launching a bunch of fireworks at the touch of a button or from some other output. Maybe set up your own fireworks display using it.

  • “Ball Race: Added respawn key support” has been checked off on the “Game World Changes” checklist.