Upcoming Bug Fixes




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Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Steam invites taking you to the wrong server
  • Fixed a bug relating to fishing and minigames
  • Improved FPS when browsing workshop player models or items
  • Arcade: Fixed visual discrepancy in units between the main UI and pause menu due to tokens
  • Voice chat connectivity issues
  • Fixed various issues with blocking players

Bug Fixes

  • Condo Workshop: Improved favorite/unfavorite system as there’s some bugs with it
  • Billiards: Fixed an issue where you can end your turn early by clicking before the cue stick is setup for the next shot
  • Arcade: Fixed pluck-a-pal crane getting stuck sometimes
  • Billiards: Fixed pool cues sticking around when they shouldn’t
  • Billiards: Name tags now hide while in the Arcade billiards area for better visibility
  • Arcade: Media player in the lounge area now automatically starts/stops when you enter/leave the area, fixing several bugs related to it
  • Improved FPS when opening the scoreboard
  • Nightclub: Fixed media player not playing video after leaving a karaoke room
  • Billiards: Fixed point penalty happening twice when you scratch
  • Karaoke: Fixed media player volumes being lower than normal
  • Fixed Golf ball morph camera
  • Fixed various items not being in categories in the stores
  • Bowling: Fixed media queue sometimes displaying a video as “unknown for 10 hours”
  • Dequipping workshop model will cause material corruption while using a vehicle
  • Arcade: Improved throwing games responsiveness
  • Fix bug with the always day/always night/animated lighting setting that is causing the skylight to not toggle properly
  • Fix bug that causes jungle-side paths to not recognize the phys material and therefor play the wrong footstep sound
  • For Arcade Phase 2 - Arcade: Fixed pluck-a-pal dropping item lagging
  • Workshop Editor: Metadata does not clear when reimporting models
  • Workshop Editor: Fixed material metadata not changing when switching between models

Game World Bug Fixes

  • LC: Fixed getting stuck in crouch if roared while being crouched
  • Game Worlds: Fixed waiting for players menu sometimes not showing up after next map loaded
  • Ball Race: Improved player respawning to prevent having to reload the player models each respawn
  • Accelerate: Pine Valley rock needs to bounce you better
  • Accelerate: Players who late join after 30 seconds into a race will no longer spawn into the race and must wait for the next race
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