Unreleased Gamemodes?


So I was going through the old gmod tower website on the wayback machine and I went back all the way to the first ever date that the page was recorded and I found some very interesting gamemodes that were never released. Such as Metroid deathmatch, gourmet race, and even old age! Also give me some information about some of the unreleased gamemodes.
(Also there was a gamemode called starfox air battle?!)



Are you saying they weren’t released into gmt? If your talking about Tower Unite then the game is only in early acces.


Yes I’m saying they weren’t released into gmt.


Because they hit the limits of source.


This list of gamemodes was from 2010 way before they hit the limit


I know a gamemode called Old Age. However, the gamemode I am talking about is an RPG, and would not be feasible for hosting as a gamemode in GMT, so it’s probably a different gamemode.
I recall hearing about Gourmet Race, however not much was told about it.


Did you ever hear anything about a metroid deathmatch?


Never heard of that, nope.


That was the same gamemode as the one that was to be for GMT. It was going to be a completely different type of gamemode for GMT.