Unreal Engine 5 is now available

You guys have any thoughts of switching?


They probably won’t, and I can tell you why.

Moving engines in game development is a tricky, time-consuming process. Often shit breaks. A lot. If you noticed how much shit broke when they upgraded to 4.20, then imagine how much shit would break if they jumped to 5.

If they could upgrade without losing all their development progress and breaking the game to the point of unplayability, then they most certainly would. But for now, I doubt that will happen unless something necessitates the change of engines.


As mentioned above, we have no further plans on upgrading the engine.

In a few engine versions ahead of ours, they completed changed how the skeletal system works, which would require a full rewrite of the Workshop system, which just isn’t worth it.

We have and will continue to backport fixes or changes from newer engines back into our engine if we need to.


Kinda figured but was curious nonetheless

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Old post but apparently Unreal stated that porting a game from UE4 to UE5 would be smooth, that is not to say it wouldn’t have any problems but it’s not like porting a UE4 game to a Unity game where you need to do everything from the ground up, some things may need a rework or a fix and so on but in the end as much as the devs probably would hate it, they should port to UE5 since it’s more suited for the game they want to create,

The game as it is now is trying to be this mess of a simple game low end PC’s can play as well as somewhat looking pretty if on high settings, it’s not much since all the other stuff in the game needs a rework but with UE5’s and it’s nanite Tower Unite would benefit massively from it letting them have higher end models and items with less power usage and chugging, it would give them more breathing room to work around with, this of course won’t solve all their problems, but it will do a lot specially for a game like TU. I wouldn’t expect them to do it anytime soon and it be more like when a game has a huge rehaul where they go through the game and it’s content and rework or touch it all up.

It’s one of those things where it would be a pain in the ass to start with but in the long run would benefit them so much more, that is the main basic things with game dev is having to fix already existing things, you make something new and it breaks 10 other things.

Just gonna mention that UE5 is very much demanding graphics wise, you would need a 3000 or higher card to make the game run

please no, my PC suffers as it is. UE has always been a demanding engine (at least already as early as 3rd) and its requirements only grow with its level ups