Unreal Engine 5 is now available

You guys have any thoughts of switching?


They probably won’t, and I can tell you why.

Moving engines in game development is a tricky, time-consuming process. Often shit breaks. A lot. If you noticed how much shit broke when they upgraded to 4.20, then imagine how much shit would break if they jumped to 5.

If they could upgrade without losing all their development progress and breaking the game to the point of unplayability, then they most certainly would. But for now, I doubt that will happen unless something necessitates the change of engines.


As mentioned above, we have no further plans on upgrading the engine.

In a few engine versions ahead of ours, they completed changed how the skeletal system works, which would require a full rewrite of the Workshop system, which just isn’t worth it.

We have and will continue to backport fixes or changes from newer engines back into our engine if we need to.


Kinda figured but was curious nonetheless

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