Unpopular opinions about TU?

There’s really no reason for this post, just want to hear what other people think about TU.

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It’s an awesome game where I enjoy to play mostly everyday. :heart:

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LC was better when it had bhopping


The subway entry in Lobby 3 makes no sense and should be removed.

On that note, I’d like to see what Lobby 2 was like, it seems to make more sense as a place to me.


I totally agree with this. How does this subway even get out to this tropical island? I feel like for a tropical resort, it’d make more sense for there to be a li’l airport of sorts.


That would be really nice actually, it would also make a lot more sense to have an airport than a subway station for an island in the middle of the ocean.


It’s more like to replicate the train station we had back in GMod Tower. It’s all about trains, not planes.


in my headcannon, the subway is like the british channel tunnel, but longer


TU should allow status and item transfer if they can provide a good reason like account migration due to security concern.




Two words: VR Support.

That is all.


Backer items shouldn‘t be exclusive for backers because they will get that specific achievement the less tedious way (doesn‘t matter if you didn‘t do it if you‘re one of them)

It’s also devastated for item completionists/collectors


Honestly, as a backer myself, I actually agree with this. I mean, I didn’t back for the items anyway. I backed to help fund the game. I don’t need exclusive items.


More about the culture of TU rather than the game itself:

The constant and expected trolling in-game is exhausting, disappointing, and undesired. What’s so goddamned difficult with being friendly and honest with one another? I mean… we’re all in this stupidly pointless universe, all equally alone, ignorant, and terrified… is it really such a bother to just digitally smile at each other now and then without the prerequisite of being a completely tricksy asshole?

Oh right, “tehl olz”. How could I forget. :neutral_face:

I mean, yeah, I get it. Ha. Ha. But I guess I’m just too old to think it’s hiIiILlaAlIRo7us anymore. At this point in life I’m so unbelievably tired of constantly lying, shitting on folks, and being as irritating and intentionally obtuse as possible simply because there are no meaningful consequences.

Maybe this is what getting old is… and, conversely, what being young is. Hmm. I must be on the wrong flight.


Hard agree.

The moderation of the playerbase is lacking and leaves a lot to be desired. All players need to be held to the same standard of conduct and without bias - implied or otherwise.

It’s pointless having rules up on display at the subway station if players are just going to break them and go unpunished anyway, and when they go unpunished, it sets a precedent for everyone else.

Stalking is also an issue that needs to be addressed. I can count on my hand the number of times either myself or one of my friends (or their friends) have been unnecessarily been followed around the plaza without rhyme or reason by specific individuals where it has not been wanted. I will not name names however, because that would be inappropriate. For example, I have just recently had to report a specific individual for genuinely and legitimately sexually harassing a friend and sending them repeated unsolicited friend requests.

Sure, the introduction of the anti-harassment player fade system is a step in the right direction as any players you have blocked in-game disappear for you but it is still not quite there yet, as they will be still be visible as a :no_entry_sign: symbol. I don’t believe you disappear for the blocked player either, so despite having blocked stalkers and trolls in-game, they can still see you. It would be nice if you also disappeared for them along with faking a disconnect message.

Prejudice against marginalised people is still happening what with players running around with inappropriate content or bigoted statements on display in their text hats, for example: “CEO of Transphobia & Racism”.


you can’t exactly fix stupid people, they can only provide tools whats necessary, even outside of TU (like steam where you can able to block peoples communication and profiles so they won’t send friend request anymore.)

other then that, theres always either ignoring or having a “thick skin” i know players are different from the rest, but there isn’t much to do but using the anti-harassment feature.


Tower Unite needs a publisher, primarily for increased and more reliable financial support which would allow Pixeltail to hire more people, which a project as broad and ambitious as TU really needs.

I’m not talking about AAA publisher companies, I believe smaller ones can do the trick fine.


Agreed. Devolver Digital would probably love this game. They love unique games like this.


Moderation (only with reports, not full PT admin moderation) in condos should be a thing. I’ve had a number of times where people have come into my condo, only to spout transphobic bullshit at me. Of course I can ban and block them, but if they do that in a condo, what’s to stop them from doing it in a public space?

If I report someone for something like that, just because it was in a private space doesn’t mean there shouldn’t still be some form of consequence, because people like that are absolutely going to say the same stuff in public areas too.


Please make sure to use the in-game reporting tool to report players. When I’m at my computer, I get a notification on each report within 30 seconds of it being reported. The two biggest reasons why a report can be discarded is a lack of evidence, or the offense taking place in an area we state we don’t moderate.

Text chat in Plazas and Global Chat is logged, as are Media Player requests. For anything else, we need the user to provide evidence, video or a screenshot. We can’t take action without evidence.

I’m afraid I don’t understand the “visible as a :no_entry_sign: symbol” complaint. We have discussed internally blocking yourself from users you have blocked, but this isn’t trivial, and we don’t have any plans to share at this time.

In my personal opinion though, I don’t understand why it is an issue. If a user has blocked another user, and cannot see or hear them, they won’t even be aware the user is following them to begin with. That being said, others on the team have stated interest in looking to fix this, but again nothing to report at this time.

Make sure to report this with the in-game reporting tool, and provide a screenshot and/or video. We don’t have logs of Text Hat text, so a screenshot and/or video is required. Reports without evidence are discarded.

Condos are hosted by individuals on their own computer. It’s their own private server, therefore it’s up to the individual hosting the condo to moderate their condo how they want. We provide tools to condo admins to block and ban users from their condo. If they are doing these actions in the Plaza or Global Chat, please report them with the in-game reporting tool.

In addition, we have a feature in the settings where users can opt-in to our moderation backend. When opt-ed in, any user who is banned from a particular action will be banned from doing it in your condo. For instance, if PixelTail has banned a user from talking in Voice Chat in the Plaza, they would be banned from talking in Voice Chat in your Condo.