Unofficial Server Suggestion

To start off the suggestion, I did previously speak with Zak and they said it’s unlikely. But I wanted to drop it in here to get other players opinions too.

After seeing what PixelTail did in Gmod, my little team and I were inspired to make our own project within TU (if possible.)
We were hoping for Unofficial Servers to be almost completely customizable in terms of Map, items, and Removing P2P and making everything strictly server side to function somewhat like Gmod Tower did.

Basically I’m suggesting that after the game is completely finished possibly adding a function where we can fully customize our own servers. Have everything completely server side, our own currency and items (items from the workshop), separate from TU’s official server’s items and currency.

Keep in mind, I’m not complaining. This is purely a suggestion.

The idea sounds good but I think allowing that amount of customization could make variations completely differently and take away what Tower Unite is


Unofficial servers are being replaced with community condos iirc


I think the idea you have here is good, however it also sounds like you want Tower Unite to be the new Garry’s mod with updated graphics and features which would benefit the game to bring people over to it, however there would be a lot more needed to be added as well as changed because this is not an open source game.

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Please read:

Thank you all for your replies

You have a point actually. I can see where this would drastically change the game for the good or worse.

Yeah. I didn’t really expect my suggestion to be something that could be possible anytime soon. But I would indeed like to see TU to eventually become that way after a good time length after the game is fully complete.

Thanks Mac for the reply. I noticed this thread the other day and I was intrigued. I’m exited to see what we can do with the Dedicated Condos in time. I’m just really itching to start making stuff for TU is all.