Unlocking a Jumping Related Item For Getting The Jumping Jackrabbit Achievement

I just think maybe it’d be nice to have a jumping related item unlocked from getting the jumping Jackrabbit achievement, since it takes such a long, long time to unlock.

Maybe a double jump, a charge jump ability item, or maybe some auto bounce moon-shoe type item?

I feel it’d make it just that little bit more worth it to consciously and continuously jumping to get around the plaza in order to unlock the achievement.
It’s just an idea, and personally I’d love a double jump option in the game.

(P.S. I know the Magic Trampoline item exists, but it’s not really a true double jump. Although it is fun to use, and clear distances quickly without having to wear a jetpack.)

i would love to see other achievements that earns you special items then just units.

i know achievement upgrades exist but i was thinking more like something used either in plaza or condos.

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Mhm, exactly.
That’s what I mean, like an unlockable in-plaza/ in-condo item that would passively, or actively enhance jumping in some way.

So people can ask “Whoa, how’d you get that?” and I’d answer “Over 3 years jumping in the plaza.”
“Better warm up those knees, kid.”

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