Unlockable Condos


Simple idea, getting unlockable condos just like a Workshop condo which you would get affter rating 100 items or uploading 10 to the workshop.


I have a feeling if this was implemented, people would just mindlessly upvote workshop items to get a free condo. I think we have enough condos for now.


Limiting liking the items to up to 10 per day?


i think this type of idea for a unlockable condo isnt too good since it can be easily exploited, also like A_Small_White_Dog_YT (aka Doggo) said people who want a quick free condo would just do this and it make the idea of saving up money or spending time for more condos slightly more obsolete…

One idea for a unlockable condo i had is a Saloon in a wild west town, you would unlock this for drinking alcohol ingame like 1000 times or something, this way you can either spend units on drinks and try to get it purposely or you could drink free drinks in peoples condos and unlock it, this way would be free but take more time.
this type of unlockable condo would either take units or spending some time ingame to get.


Nice suggestion!