Unlockable Accelerate Kart Morph

I’d love to be able to unlock the Ball Race Ball and the Accelerate Kart in our condos, maybe as a milestone award.
The ball would probably be very possible because we can already unlock an RC one that has the proper physics.

The creation possibilities would be so cool, as we could make our own custom ball race maps and accelerate courses in our condos.

edit: the ball race morph already exists, sorry

Using teleporters and physics items, we could create all kinds of bizarre things. Some people have already mart RC kart maps so this would be a fun way of giving us more creation possibilities.

How would this differ to the ball race morph that’s already in the game? I’m totally for an accelerate morph though.

maybe he doesn’t know?

Apologies for this being late, but there is already a ball race ball milestone. There is the RC orb and the regular orb. You unlock the regular orb at 800k EXP I believe. However, an accelerate kart milestone would be great! Got my vote!

So I actually thought there was a ball race morph so initially made this thread only for Accelerate, but I’ve never seen someone else use it in-game and began thinking maybe it didn’t actually exist lol. I never saw it as a reward and couldn’t find anything online about it.
Just checked my inventory and its there. Silly me. Sorry.

An Accelerate morph suggestion still stands though!