Unit Multiplier Upgrade


I think it might be a neat idea to be able to spend some points in order to get a unit Multiplier. You might be thinking “Hang on a mo’, Won’t that mean everyone will just buy that upgrade so that they can get the most amount of money?” And you might be correct, however, If you spend money on that upgrade, you won’t have money to spend on, say, better starting weapons, or more damage and ammo.
I think if this were to be implemented, it should be small amounts, like a 5% increase per upgrade.


I like this, it’s basically just a difficulty increase for people wanting to attempt more difficult runs with a good reward.


yeah, that was my intention.


To be honest the current unit multiplier for difficulty levels is kinda shoddy
Hard at 1.25x Units
Normal at 1.1x Units
Easy at 1x Units

Hell even a minor permanent upgrade to unit payout by completing certain milestones could work.


Requiring you forgo upgrades to get maximum points would go a long way in fixing the low difficulty of the game. Also fixing it where 6 player games spawn in 3 extra zombies over single player creating huge dead zones for at least 2 players.


Don’t really like the idea of this too much, as it distracts from the actual gameplay and trying to adapt to your team in terms of upgrades.

I can see a lot of people getting too greedy with this and just flat out ignoring the part where they have to try and help their team by getting the upgrades it currently needs.

Getting more units by, let’s say killing special enemies like mini-bosses would be a completely different story, as you would get rewarded for doing something that helps your team - Also collecting bananas in Ball Race to get more units is part of the gameplay. All of these things should always be part of the gameplay in some way. A unit multiplier upgrade would just distract from the actual gameplay imo.


Normally I would agree but it’s no different gameplay-wise to joining in late. It is possible to win the game without any upgrades, it’s just a little less convenient.


While that is true, it still feels like an unnecessary distraction from the gameplay to me.
(Also, since people seem to widely agree that it is too easy, I’m assuming they are going to change this in the future.)

If there is a unit upgrade, people will feel forced to get it, to get a better payout.

It’ll become a mandatory upgrade for a lot of people and by that it feels restricting in a way that instead of trying out different playstyles by getting different upgrades, you will end up getting the unit multiplier upgrade just ‘because’.

I just want to add that I can see a unit multiplier upgrade working out if there is A LOT more upgrades to choose from.
With the current amount of upgrades I’d say that people would feel too inclinced to get this upgrade and therefore will almost always end up with it being maxed out.


Just got done finishing a solo no upgrade run, and it was a true challenge.
The only thing I had to say about it was that it got a little unfun on the later rounds when you had only your starter to rely on and it turned into just a lot of running. If there was a unit multiplier upgrade its max level would have to be low enough that you could max it (with good play) before getting to wave 4, since that’s when things get stupid without upgrades.