Unit Gain Balancing

At the moment most of the Content on the game seems to be Rotting a lot just because no one uses them. For Example Minigolf have certain amount of people doing it and the Rest are Sitting on Slots at Casino. These too Features need some Reduce on Unit Gains and Decent Increase on Unit Gains on rest of the Content on the game. For Example Increase Unit Gaining on Virus, Planet Panic, Ball Race, Little Crusaders, And any Game on Plaza to Balance Unit Gaining from games. This would possible make games more Active again. Like we all know that we don’t have massive Player base on this game. But atleast there would be Decent percentage of chance to get game worlds shine with population and get more games and things used on Plaza again.

I think the payouts for the gameworlds are pretty fair and the casino doesn’t always pay too much.

For example over the course of 4 hours in the casino I made 80,000 but lost 65,000 about.

In the time I was doing that I could have gained so much more in the gameworlds.

Yeah, the casino pays out really well to just be the go-to money maker, but that’s just if you want money, some people just play the games for the fun.

The thing is, it’s not just about the payouts. Yes, there are people that use the casino to grind, but keep in mind, those players enjoy getting units and items, not the casino itself, and would switch to the next most profitable activity if casino got nerfed. Doing that would also present a new problem, since the casino isn’t all that amazing payout-wise, if we don’t count the jackpots.

However, as I said, it’s also about the activities themselves. The casino is well-made, laid-back, exciting and pretty unique as far as videogame experiences go. If other activities don’t get the traction it does, it’s also because they aren’t all that atractive to players (let’s face it, if they were, more people would play them without a compensation).

Finally, I think many of the examples you pointed out are in fact already pretty balanced. Yeah, there are some activities I think could use tweaking, but most of them are fine. However, deliberately buffing unpopular activities wouldn’t be fair to people that enjoy the rest of the game’s content and it could make big chunks of the playerbase do activities that aren’t all that great to begin with.

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I think the payouts are fine. Though its annoying when I want to play ball race, virus ,and little crusaders and they’re no servers. Yet they’re ten minigolf ones

That’s exactly what I had on mind. 10 Hosted servers for Minigolf and no servers for any other game world. Surely those payouts might be nice and good but something still need to be done to get those back in use. Perhaps some bits of Tweaking here and there for something. Especially when it comes to earlier days of Tower Unite. There used to be bunch of Servers for all Game Worlds and bunch of servers running 24/7. When ever you would log on and Let’s say you would love to do an Ball Race. You could find bunch of them Or Let’s say you would love to do an Virus game and then go search the Server list and see bunch of them as well. That’s how things used to be. Now It’s completely the opposite and I personally Doubt that there would be anything to change that. But yeah Still even now I do miss those Moments when all Game Worlds were Packed all the time. Good Old Days before people started Leave this game and most of the Game Worlds Died out. Still hopefully Zombie Massacre would bring some of those people that Left the game back In the day. Just to get some Activity on these Game Worlds. Also still to mention that Payouts might be nice right now. But Still there would need to be done something to get some more Activity to the Rest Game Worlds and Games on Plaza. Like little bit of Tweaking or perhaps little bit of Advertising for this game or maybe even Both of these things.

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Man, you can’t blame people for enjoying Minigolf more than the other gameworlds. It’s preference.

Also, I don’t know where you’re from, but I often see games of Ballraces and sometimes of LC and Virus. Still, it’s all about people wanting to play certain gameworlds, not the payouts. If people don’t find certain activities worth their time (be it for fun or for worthy otherwise unobtainable rewards), they won’t do them. Just because something’s a part of TU doesn’t mean it has to be popular and frequently used.

Also, the game is still in EA and with the updates being relatively slow (Compared to AAA games. I’m not blaming anyone here, just pointing out the obvious. Can’t make them any faster with a team the size of Pixeltail, I get it), most potential players still don’t stick around much.
EXP, milestones, achievements, leaderboards and badges will also be additional incentives to explore all the various aspects of the game more, for better of worse.

Shifting Units around would be a poor solution. There’s nothing that can be done if people like one type of gameplay over others. Making other modes pay more would be worse, as it would pressure players into playing what they dislike.

I get your point and I do agree with you on it. It’s preference for all what they do prefer to do in here. Still every single Game World used to be packed all the time back in the day. And It’s fine with me If it’s not the payouts isn’t the case here. I’m completely fine with that. I’m just saying that every single Game World used to be Packed In the past.

That’s when it was newer and had more players. The issue with Tower Unite is that the player base is slim to none, with a usual 50-100 players around at a given time. I’m really hoping that this won’t be the case for long, but there’s a chance this is just the state of the game.

I really hope for a change as well and 50-100 people isn’t much of people and yeah our Playerbase is very small here on Tower Unite. Like we all know that Zombie Massacre is coming out very soon but I still fear that I might bring maybe some amount of people back to check it out and then again they would leave. But yeah I Highly belive that this is the state of the game and aren’t going to change. atleast Anytime soon if ever. But Yeah I hope there would be more people playing this game.

Keep in mind that PixelTail hasn’t really done much advertising since the kickstarter/indiegogo. I’m fairly certain that they’re waiting until the 1.0 update to really start garnering attention. Hopefully that’ll be the kick that TU needs to have a consistently large set of active players.


Exactly this. There’s also the fact that there’s a lot of people out there that simply don’t buy early access games ever. A lot of people just don’t trust early access games. The last time I checked SteamSpy (R.I.P.), Tower Unite had about 30k followers. A lot of which, I can only assume, are people waiting for it to come out of early access.

The problem with the casino is that its impossible and addicting. You always win, if you stay long enough you’ll win no matter what. People will just sit in the casino to make units cause its addicting, but its not very appealing to walk into a lobby as a new player just to be ignored by the 50 people, all in the casino. They need to change the casino values, yeah it will upset the people who make millions in game just sitting and pressing space but it will make people seek other things in the game.

In addition to what @Arkive86 said, I think a good few players are waiting for the achievement update. Personally I’ve been holding back from playing until that gets released so if enough people have the same mentality, there should be a nice increase in players for all game worlds.

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I’m also aware of the Follower number that this game have. And yeah it might happen that when this game comes out from Early Access to Patch 1.0 then It might start rising up from Dead Zone and start getting nice Playerbase. Who knows? none really but time will tell what happens and if that’s what gonna happen then there might be once more a massive pile of servers for each game world that exists.

Instead of permanently shifting the payouts of gameworlds it would probably be a better idea to do a “featured game” event instead, where you get a payout bonus for that game. That way if there’s tons of mini golf, and virus gets featured, people might jump into virus to get the bonus


That’s actually not a terrible idea.

The only thing that makes me wonder if it’s possible is that game worlds are hosted P2P. I guess you could potentially set a flag for the host to multiply the payout by x, but I’m not sure how that would be implemented.

The other issue is if players in other lobbies can join into a hosted world with the bonus set, is the lobby event for the payout bonus manageable in that sense? It would probably have to be global if you can jump into a game world from a different lobby

That seems like the perfect way to do it