Unique Playermodels for PVP Games (+Milestone Rewards)


I thought in light of the news workshop is coming on very soon and achievements/milestones are on the horizon this might be a good time now to suggest this.

The title kinda speaks for itself but pretty much add unique player models specifically for PVP Games, both Gameworlds and Plaza activities. Stuff like ballrace and zombie massacre will remain unaffected, this change focuses on Virus, Laser Tag and the upcoming SDNL gameworld.

This is already sorta in affect. In gamemodes such as laser tag attempting to use the milk playermodels forces the player to use the male model. To combat this I would recommend using faceless types of outfits. Hide as much of the “character” with the outfit being the focus. Masks/Helmets, sleeves, gloves, etc. This way it doesn’t feel out of place being a skeleton or a workshop model and then suddenly for the sake of the game you’re the basic male model.

With that said here’s what I would prefer:

You think virus wouldn’t matter too much since only survivors use ranged weapons so hitboxes wouldn’t matter. But I’d argue green colored skeletons or upcoming workshop models can and will confuse players who’s infected or not. So for the sake of consistency, give the survivors a unique playermodel. On the topic of hitboxes not mattering, this means the survivors model can exceed the players skeletal hitbox. Sooo I was thinking, why not something like those inflated hasmat suits from Killing Floor or L4D2?

Laser Tag
We have the chest armor already, so why not expand on it? It reminds me alot of the omega outfits from farcry 3/farcry 5.

I’m actually unsure what models you could stick with. The gameworld theme is a wacky over the top player deathmatch gameshow right? With that alone the possibilities are endless so I’ll let others suggest what’d they like for this gameworld.

Also as a side note, these could also be unlockable milestone rewards, or unlocked by default it’s devs choice.


I like using our playermodels for the games but this could also work.


I think this would make a decent compromise, make models that cover up most or all of the character so you could plausibly reason, that yes, it’s still your character under that hazard suit/body armor in PvP games, but otherwise leaving your playermodel alone in coop games or games where direct combat isn’t the focus like ball race or (Maybe?) accelerate.


Yeah that’s the idea, your actual avatar will be used in ballrace and accelerate.