Underwater WIP!

So, now that I have the Scaler tool, I can Adjust everything as needed! Here’s some shots of the newly completed areas of my Underwater Condo!




I love this!

Damn good! Looks really cozy!

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woa, i really like it!

You made that condo look so dang cozy.

I love the plant room!

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Big fan of this, some lovely ideas. Underwater is my favourite condo and it’s usually so difficult to decorate but you’ve done a great job here.

Very well done! Looks like a cozy place. I’d love to come check it out some time.

Also, nice Dark Side of the Moon reference :sunglasses:

I have more! This is the almost completed Lounge/Study!


Id live the flippin h e c k out of that place!

This is just amazing