Underground/Mining Area Condo


Nice LEGO set.

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You could always make your own mining condo using resized rock items and wooden walls as supports. I’d agree with the addition of a mine cart item, but you could easily make do with canvas cubes and slopes.

Shit, this might be something I try out after I finish my SCP condo like that’ll ever happen.

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I like the idea but this is a bit too specific for an official condo imo. This would be perfect as a workshop condo once that’s a thing.

I mean, using that logic, we may as well just remove the condo suggestions section since you can make basically anything you could possibly imagine with Smooth Dirt and so, there’s no reason to add any new condos. The thing is, nothing you make in Smooth Dirt is gonna be anywhere near as detailed or polished as anything the devs could make. Also, some people (like myself) just may not wanna build something like that. I personally would love to see some sort of underground condo but I’m not nearly creative enough to do it myself. I don’t even own Smooth Dirt for that very reason.

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No, I quite agree. There’s certainly a great deal of people who either don’t have the time or can’t be bothered to make a completely new condo from scratch - I myself was one of those before I gained heaps of free time to make it happen. These people are what the premades are catered towards, I guess.

There’s only really one issue with very specialised condos like this idea. An underground condo wouldn’t really have too much space for personalisation. This is mainly due to the fact that unless you’d be able to mine out walls to place what you’d want, you’d be stuck with only the premade tunnel areas to build.

This problem doesn’t affect most condos, with the exception of the suite, due to the generally vast outdoor areas.

TL;DR Unlike most condos, this underground idea would be heavily restrictive in how you could personalise the condo.

Anyway, that’s just my take on it. Writing about this idea is really making me want to finish up my current project and get cracking at this.