Underated electronic music artists

list your favourite electronic music artist that is pretty underated, I guess I will start :
Acid Usagi - Acid Usagi Where Are You Now

(Gawd i love Acid Usagi’s Music :blush:)
(P.S. : im bad at this video forum stuff…)

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Oh boy, do I have a few artists who absolutely deserve more publicity. I’ll just list 3 or 4 though, but pretty much every indie artist in my collection could be listed here.

  1. If you follow the Game Grumps at all, you’ve probably heard Danny talk about TWRP (Tupper Ware Remix Party), but if you’ve never listened to their music before, they’re hands down the best rock-influenced 80s synth band I’ve ever heard. These guys also know how to rock a stage.
    Youtube Video of Music
    Bandcamp Page

  2. Gunship is an 80s synth rock band that is slowly but surely gaining popularity, but can definitely be considered underrated. They released numerous music videos for their self-titled LP, and almost all of them are very expertly done and perfect for the music.
    ‘Fly For Your Life’ Music Video (and be sure to watch their Tech Noir Music Video in the Up Next tab if you like the music)
    Bandcamp Page

  3. As far as completely unheard of arists, XES is a Russian-based indie synthpop/retrowave band with very few followers considering the kind of music they make. Very catchy stuff and great vocals to compliment interesting electronic riffs.
    ‘Illuminated’ Music Video (Contains Anime)
    Bandcamp Page

  4. If you’re looking for more edm/club stuff, MEGANEKO is a really good artist with 2 fleshed out, melodic bass-pumping EPs. Listen to one of them whole below:
    meganeko - boy irl girl url EP
    Bandcamp Page

I’ll list a few more from different genre categories depending on what kind of electronic music you like, and provide a link to my bandcamp page if you want to see all of the artists I follow (I really like 80s synthwave stuff :stuck_out_tongue:) I hope you enjoy and thanks for introducing me to Acid Usagi! :smiley: Great stuff!

And finally, My Collection! You can see all of the artists I’m following on the left side bar.

First of all im very thankful for your list i didnt expect someone to reply with such a list :smile: , but im not really a person that listens to synthwave music , not that i dislike it infact i quite like it but its not my type of music. I’m more of edm sort of guy i do enjoy trap, dnb, hardstyle and some dubstep songs (thought i dont really like hard dubstep) and i could probably name more but i can’t think of much on top of my head

Speaking of synth groups, I am quite fond of this group called Fartbarf. Don’t let their name fool you, if you’re into this style of music they’re actually rad as fuck.