Unban the member above you (A fun game sequel)


A sequel post to @TrappingGull “Ban the member above you (A fun game)” thread but instead you are going unban the member above you basically the nicer version.


  1. Say “Unbanned for [INSERT REASON]”
  2. Don’t derail the thread with other topics or subjects


(you misspelled sequel)

Unbanned for being a dangerous beam of hyper-focused light.


Unbanned for actually earning doctor’s degree


Unbanned for unbanning someone who unbanned the person above them


Unbanned for being banned by a bad administrator.


Unbanned for being banned for being a regular.


Unbanned for being a cool dude.


unbanned for having gigantic dark eyes


Unbanned for {system failure code directory not found, restart the system or try again later}


Unbanned for being banned so many times before.


unbanned for [this message has been flagged by the community for the following reason: bad jokes]


Unbanned for being flagged.

off topic
Also why are you trying to copy my post?


Unbanned for making the original

off topic
It’s a sequel


Unbanned for having off topic comments clearly marked as such.


Unbanned for this is literally the same thing but with unbanning instead of banning


Unbanned for using a ban reason, for an unban. But i forgive you


Unbanned for showing forgiveness.


Unbanned for being a good dude in general


Unbanned for looking nice to other people


Unbanned for having a circular avatar on the forums.