Unable to start TU in Linux (Kubuntu 18.04 LTS)

Heyas! I’ve very recently updated my Linux distro to Kubuntu 18.04LTS. It was a fresh install on a new hard drive. Got Steam installed from the Steam site, and started downloading some select few games. Saw that TU was in Linix beta, so I jumped at the chance to install it. I accepted the Beta build agreement, and the game seemed to download and install properly (no errors). However, the game won’t start. I get no message at all. I double click the icon and briefly get the Steam “loading Tower Unite” window, but nothing happens after that. I’ve checked the files for integrity, and it all comes back clean. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled in case it was some fluke, but still nothing.

Where should I start looking to troubleshoot the issue? Are there game logs that keep track of what happens during load? Right now, I don’t even know where to start looking.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks kindly!

Hello! Unfortunately with our upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.18, Epic broke some things with how the Linux system works. Currently the Linux and Mac OS X versions of Tower Unite are low priority, so I don’t have any ETA on when this will be fixed.

I did make a writeup below about why this happened and what I’ve done to attempt to fix it.

All right then. At least I won’t scratch my head wondering if there’s something I can do on my end to run the game in Linux. At least I can still run the Windows version.

Thanks for the quick answer!

This is pretty frustrating to be honest, it’s bee a very long time since the Linux version got broken and I’ve been waiting patiently for the fix, but without any ETA I wonder if we would ever see this fixed knowing how far the game is from being finished

Unfortunately, this is not our doing, but an engine issue and Epic has yet to resolve it.