Unable to buy new items because inventory does not unload after returning to lobby

I can’t make my suite the way I want to because when I return to the tower, so does everything I’ve bought. I think a good temporary fix in the meantime would be to have a right click option of “Send to inventory” where an item gets removed from the quick inventory and placed into your overall inventory and vice versa. Unless there already was an option like this and I’m just missing it. Help?



I can’t really play the game much until I can progress.

Your condo doesn’t get cleared, it’s just that you can view your condo items in your inventory. IIRC, eventually furniture, etc. won’t appear in the plaza, just things like potions, and you’ll have to manage your items via the inventory screen.

No I don’t mean to clear my condo, I want to add things to my condo. The problem is my items that I place in my condo show up in my quick inventory when I return to the lobby server unless I sell an item, which I don’t want to do.

This means I can’t really buy new things without overwriting old things in my quick inventory and therefore cannot add the things I bought to my condo.

If there is some kind of “Put in/out of quick inventory from steam inventory” option that I’m missing, then that would solve a lot if I knew how to operate it. Thanks for your help.

Edit: Never mind, I am a complete idiot. You can actually scroll down the quick inventory; I was used to the Gmod Tower way of only having a set amount of stuff. I would like to hide those items though while I’m in the lobby so I can just quick access potions and stuff.