Ultrawide 21:9 support

I do not know if this is an obvious thing or is already implemented but it would be nice if TU natively supported 21:9 resolutions. Lemme know your thoughts on this.

I didn’t even know this was possible, honestly.

Being someone with a 1920x1080 resolution, I know how it feels to not have your monitor catered to in many aspects. I’m not sure how hard it would be to make a resolution like 21:9 compatible, but I definitely agree it should be something attempted.

21:9 ? What sorcery do you speak of.

I tought 1920x1080 was the higest the majority went and everything above was in the Huston Controll Center.

I mean Unreal does allow for that resolution and all the UI will work as well.

The only issue is smaller resolutions like 800x600.

Here’s the HUD with 21:9 ratio.

I think someone tried playing in 21:9 a few months ago and Unreal handled it fine, but our UI was a little messed up. We’ll have to look into it down the road.

I just fixed some issues with that. A lot of our UI is fine as long as we anchor them correctly. The Lobby UI (what I posted) needs to be cleaned up a bit which I plan on doing Monday.

I guess the main thing to also add to this is the inventory UI placement. Right now it’s in the center of the screen, but if some people have 3 monitor displays and want to stretch the entire game across them - then maybe we should let them anchor the inventory UI to different parts of the screen space instead of just the center.

With that also said, not many people have 3 monitor displays or 21:9 ratios so it’s not high on our radar at this time. I will ensure that the UI will scale appropriately, though.

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