Ultimate Plinko

The general idea would be a 1-8 (or however many) player amp-ed up plinko game where you try to get the most points possible over the course of 3 1-minute rounds with each round getting more crazier than the last (or just one super round). The game would more or less be Plinko on steroids. It would either be on one big Plinko board or everyone would get their own board (probably everyone gets their own for more fairness). But everything about the game could change while the game is happening, like: the score values at the bottom could shift and swap around. The pegs can appear and disappear, their could be powerups to give you bonus drops or to lock in the values and a whole bunch of other crazy things. Point is to make it wacky and fun but with some level of control still. The longer the game goes on the less skill based it becomes and the more it relies on luck based mechanics, but every player would still get the same board and the same effects happening to them so everyone is on the same playing field. But yea, there are a lot of way you could go at it, like even adding powerups or a score bucket at the bottom that if you get it, it would make it harder for your opponents in some shape of form. Again, point is to just make it as crazy and fun as possible but still reasonable to the point where you still feel that its not luck based.