[UI Bug] Can Search with an Empty Search String


If you are on any search results page, then you can delete the entire search string and search with no string. Doing so will yield no results. Attempting to search from any other page will not let you search without a string.


This is an intended feature, if there’s no search parameter, no search will be conducted.


This is true except in the specified case. A search is conducted on an empty string if you are currently on any search result page.


I don’t quite understand.


On a normal page, you aren’t able to search with an empty string. The search button simply won’t function. This is clearly intentional, and this is not the problem.

However, if you are on the search results page of another search, then you are allowed to search with an empty string. For example: on any page, search for an arbitrary string (like “chair”). After this, the search results for your string should appear. Now, delete the entire search string such that it is empty. If you perform the search action, the site will perform the search even though you used an empty string.


This is intended behavior, though it could be changed in the future should it need to.