UE4Plugin: VLCMedia

If I understand this plugin for Unreal Engine 4 correctly, This plugin allows the Unreal Media Browser / Internet Plugin to accept more types of “Streaming Media”. Stuff like LiveStreaming files such as Internet Radio Streamed over Mp3, Etc.

So hear me out, the reason why I’m requesting this is I think it could allow some really creative ideas to blossom in tower unite.

For example, Private Talk Shows for Tower that everyone could access. So for example, Set up a custom private Internet Radio Station encoded to a file the plugin can read, decorate a condo to look like a radio station, and voila, You can host talk shows or your own radio station in tower that people could stream using the media player in their own condo.

Or if we use Lich and the bone zone as an example:
Internet Radio Station to a TV screen or something —> Lich has Mic hooked up to radio stream —> Lich can be Louder (Because Voice chat seems quiet for me, IDK.Also through he wouldn’t be able to use voice chat since then we would be hearing double lich’s) and it could be like a microphone loudspeaker setup thing. Plus, If set up to use something like discord for “Communication” with “guests”. Easy Interviews to hear.

My personal idea that technically anyone who owns a rocksmith guitar to usb cable could do too, is hook up their guitar, and optionally run it through an fx program, stream it over a private radio, and then play it in tower. and use the ingame drums for drums, and tadah. Instant Rock Concert.

Another Use is RTMP Streams too to a private server. You can stream your “Content” Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

Also No, Im not talking about the UnChildFriendly stuff. I’m talking about Personal Video Collection Content (Stuff You Watch on Plex Content).

Anyways, Just an idea. I think it should work as soon as added, but IDK. Might need configuration.

This sounds awesome. Opens up so many more options for the media players.

I have no clue what this is but, that is why I like it!

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